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Charity of Choice


Helping others, one sale at a time!

Giving back to those less fortunate and supporting worthwhile charitable organizations are the cornerstone of Landmark Realty.  That is why 100% of our real estate agents participate in the Charity of Choice program whereby every single transaction impacts the lives of others through commission based donations. In addition to the agent contribution, Landmark Realty corporate matches our agent’s donations in an effort to enhance the overall goal of giving back.

John McDonald, owner of Landmark Realty, has originated a commission donation program that supports charities in a unique way that puts the choice of the charity in the hands of our clients.  Our clients are able to select the charity of their choosing and the agent makes the gift in the clients name as the donor.  In this manner, the charitable IRS tax deduction will be passed along to our clients for the tax year the donation is made.

It is simply a win, win for everyone involved especially the benefiting local and national charitable organizations!

~   How it Works   ~

The agent and client (either buyer or seller) discuss and agree to the percentage of the agent’s commission to be donated prior to any listing agreements or real estate showings.  At that time, a charity of the clients choosing will be selected for the donation.  Landmark Realty will match the same agreed percentage enhancing the total donation.  At the closing, a check will be written directly to the chosen charity in the name of the client as the charitable donor.  The client will then receive a letter from the charity acknowledging the charitable donation for tax deduction purposes.

Our unique donation program generates charitable revenue with every single real estate transaction.   Together, Landmark Realty and our clients are truly making a difference – “one sale at a time”.